The Historical Lens

There are so many potential topics to choose from when designing a history curriculum that it becomes intimidating for many heads of department. What do we do? How do we do it? What are we missing? What if we don’t cover x, y or z? The most important thing we can do, is take aContinue reading “The Historical Lens”

Curriculum self-assessment

Purpose The purpose of this blog is to allow for history departments to review their curriculum in a way that strengthens the experience of staff and students whilst also preparing staff for future subject reviews/Ofsted inspections. This is based on current research and the current framework and will enable those who reflect upon it/complete itContinue reading “Curriculum self-assessment”

Model Secondary History Feedback policy

So, a lot of people are looking to revamp their feedback policies at the moment so I thought I would put something together that may be of use if anybody is currently looking to do this for history. Also, a lot of this is applicable outside of history as well. Step 1 – Feedback notContinue reading “Model Secondary History Feedback policy”

Top 10 Tips for leading a successful department

Be on it. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your department like the back of your hand.

Enjoy the silence – An argument for silent corridors

However, within a month it was clear that it improved learning and safety within the school to the extent that the student parliament said in their half-termly feedback, that they approved, as did I.

10 Quick tips to improve your pedagogy

Usual disclaimer – this list is not designed to be comprehensive. It’s designed to have a few tips and ideas for teachers looking to improve their classroom practice over the course of the last three half terms of the year. I decided to do this particular blog as this is often the time when traineeContinue reading “10 Quick tips to improve your pedagogy”

10 Tips to build positive classroom relationships

At the centre if every good classroom is a teacher who is skilled at building relationships with the children they teach. It isn’t just important it is absolutely essential. If you can’t build relationships with students, and there are different ways of doing this, they will simply not perform as well for you. Strong relationshipsContinue reading “10 Tips to build positive classroom relationships”

Whole school behaviour policy

If every school in the country had excellent behaviour then how much better would the jobs of thousands of teachers be? We got into the profession to teach, not referee! Some places I have been in it feels like you spend 90% of time challenging behaviour and only 10% actually teaching (probably about the equivalentContinue reading “Whole school behaviour policy”