The Historical Lens

There are so many potential topics to choose from when designing a history curriculum that it becomes intimidating for many heads of department. What do we do? How do we do it? What are we missing? What if we don’t cover x, y or z? The most important thing we can do, is take aContinue reading “The Historical Lens”

Curriculum self-assessment

Purpose The purpose of this blog is to allow for history departments to review their curriculum in a way that strengthens the experience of staff and students whilst also preparing staff for future subject reviews/Ofsted inspections. This is based on current research and the current framework and will enable those who reflect upon it/complete itContinue reading “Curriculum self-assessment”

Planning excellent history lessons

We must consider the above as the fundamentals to our classroom practice and constantly be thinking about how we can help the students engage with them. If we do the above four elements well, no easy task, our students will thrive in history as a result.