About me

My name is Kyle Graham, currently Head of Humanities at King’s Leadership Academy in Warrington. My views on this blog are in no way associated with the views of the school, it’s leadership team or other staff, they are mine, so blame me for them!

I have been in education since 2012 and have been Head of History since 2014 and I have also taken Head of Year roles, NQT/New Staff induction roles, PGCE and trainee development roles amongst others. I hope that although I have been in teaching for less than a decade I can give some interesting, unique and useful insights into classroom teaching, leadership and whole school ideas. There are a lot of excellent bloggers out there and I hope to add to that list and add additional positivity to the educational blogging universe.

I hope this blog will be useful to you no matter what stage of your teaching career you are in. I hope it’s appealing to those thinking about entering the profession, trainees, those seeking future promotions, heads of department and beyond. As such I will try and cover a wide range of different topics here.

Hopefully I’ll stick to this in 2020! See you on the other side!

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