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Pre-delivery checklist for Heads of History

The idea behind this checklist is to allow heads of history to prepare their departments as best as possible for delivery of content on a module-by-module basis. It contains the key reflections and thought processes that I believe are important to ensuring a curriculum is well-planned before it reaches the classroom. The basics Every singleContinue reading “Pre-delivery checklist for Heads of History”

Planning excellent history lessons

We must consider the above as the fundamentals to our classroom practice and constantly be thinking about how we can help the students engage with them. If we do the above four elements well, no easy task, our students will thrive in history as a result.

10 Tips to build positive classroom relationships

At the centre if every good classroom is a teacher who is skilled at building relationships with the children they teach. It isn’t just important it is absolutely essential. If you can’t build relationships with students, and there are different ways of doing this, they will simply not perform as well for you. Strong relationshipsContinue reading “10 Tips to build positive classroom relationships”

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